BrewSA American Lager is brewed using two of the most successful types of American hops. Cascade hops, named after the Cascade Mountain Range, gives the BrewSA American lager the light, crisp taste that will give you guaranteed refreshment under the hot sun, or after a hard days work. Mount Hood Hops gives BrewSA the full flavor that you come to expect from a beer that was born and raised right here in the United States. Take pride in the beer you choose. Be American. Drink BrewSA.

100% American Made

Unlike other major leading breweries who claim their product is made in America, BrewSA takes pride in our Country. All of our ingredients and 100% of the brewing process takes place on American soil. Even down to the labels and the cardboard box it ships in, BrewSA is 100% American made - and we are proud of it!

25% of Profits to Veterans

Every year BrewSA will get together with notable military and veterans charities across the country to help veterans and active service men and women at home and abroad. BrewSA is American, and part of our mission is to support our troops.